The heart of our business is our people. At Petro River, we pride ourselves on being a team of industry experts who are passionate about the energy business.

Our leadership

Ruben Alba
Ruben Alba received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico State University and has been active in the oil & gas industry since 1997. Mr. Alba spent the majority of his career with both Halliburton Energy Services and Superior Well Services, overseeing regional technical staff and operations. In this capacity, Mr. Alba introduced a number of new and novel technologies involving new fluid chemistry to the industry, as well as completion processes to reservoirs requiring cutting edge technology, where he holds three US Patents. Ruben is an Executive Vice President at Petro River.


Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith is a registered Professional Engineer in Petroleum Engineering. and has over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Smith spent his career at XTO Energy where he served as an Operations Engineer specializing in hydraulic fracturing and artificial lift. Mr. Smith was directly responsible for managing fields producing in excess of 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day and worked on numerous drilling projects ranging from the Marcellus Shale to the Permian Basin. Daniel is an Executive Vice President at Petro River.


Luis Vierma 

Luis Vierma holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Universidad Central de Venezuela (1979). He earned a master’s degree in Geology (Geochemistry of Petroleum) in 1984 from the University of Indiana. From 1975 to 1978 he was a chemistry professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.In 1978 he joined the development center of the fourth largest oil company in the world, PDVSA (INTEVEP), as geochemist of exploration before leading the Organic Geochemistry Laboratory.Between 1993-2000,
Louis held numerous leadership positions at PDVSA including the Manager of Upgraded Recovery of Crude Oil, head of the Organic Geochemistry Section, Head of Geology and leader of the Bosque- Bucare Project where he implemented the strategy for shared productivity efforts. Shortly thereafter, Louis was appointed as Manger of Exploration and Businesses before becoming the Director of the Office and Policies & Plans of the Vice Ministry of Hydrocarbons of the Ministry of Energy and Mining in Venezuela (currently named the Ministry of Popular Power for Energy and Oil).
In 2003, Louis was sworn in as Director General of Hydrocarbons and External Director of PDVSA including a role as Venezuela’s Deputy Oil Minister to OPEC. Subsequently, he was named President of CVP, Vice President of PDVSA GAS, and member of the Board of Directors of CITGO. In January 2005, he was appointed Vice President of Exploration and Production of PDVSA. Luis is an Executive Vice President at Petro River.
Dr. James Rector
Petro River also recently retained Prof. James W. Rector of the University of California at Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as its chief technical adviser. Dr. Rector is a world leader in downhole imaging technology for unconventional reservoirs and the Joint Chairman of the Unconventional Reservoir Technology Forum. Rector has brought in a who’s who of experts to advise Petro River on unconventional reservoir technology.